Whether a student is looking for the full-time, year-round flexibility of "hybrid" learning, or just needs a couple of hours of academic support because of a few missed school days during the height of the show season, Signature Academics offers academic expertise combined with full understanding of the equestrian world and its unique scheduling challenges.  With a year-round location in Wellington and a seasonal location in Ocala, Florida, plus a presence at major national horse shows including Devon, Harrisburg, Washington, and Kentucky, Signature Academics is the "go to" team for high achieving equestrian student-athletes.

(c) Parker/Russell The Book LLC

(c) Parker/Russell The Book LLC

Scheduling of Academics - Winter Circuits

During the Winter Equestrian Festival and HITS Ocala, tutorials for equestrians who re-locate to Florida for the season are scheduled from Monday through Thursday.  Most students compete on Fridays, so they prefer to complete their academic work in the first half of the week.  We do, however, schedule additional sessions on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for non-equestrian students, if a student requests them, or if a student needs extra time for any reason.  We also schedule tutorials on weekends for students who travel to Wellington or Ocala each week, missing Friday, and sometimes Thursday, class-time.  Often, scheduling tutorials over the weekend makes a big difference for these student “road warriors.”  They are able to complete all their schoolwork before they get on the plane, exhausted, to fly home Sunday night.

Scheduling of Academics - Year-round

Signature Academics remains flexible and available for students throughout the calendar year.  Just give us a call to let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.  We specialize in "academic emergencies," and can often meet a student's need for help within a couple of hours.