Signature Academics - Our Story

It used to be that student-athletes had to choose.  They had to choose between pursuing their sports to the highest levels, or focusing on achieving academic excellence.  The time commitment of training, travel, competitions, exams, labs, and papers forced compromises, because it was impossible to do everything.

Things are different now.  Today's student-athletes don't have to choose.  They can be both top students and top athletes, with a little bit of help.  That's where Signature Academics comes in.  Our goal is to support today's student-athletes in their academic pursuits however, whenever, and wherever they need us.  From Wellington and Ocala in the winter to locations far and wide during the rest of the year, Signature tutors are ready to work, both in person and virtually.  Thanks to the Internet and technologies like Skype, any student can take her tutors with her when she travels.   Similarly, today's technology allows Signature Academics to bring together the absolute best educators in all subjects, regardless of geography. 

About Wendy Salomon, Executive Director

Since 2008, Wendy Salomon has been tutoring equestrian students year-round in all the humanities through AP and college levels.  In addition to ensuring that her students achieve academically in each of their subjects, Wendy coordinates the details of curriculum, assignments, and exams with students’ full-time schools, or develops custom programs as needed.  An avid equestrian herself, she is dedicated to ensuring that students excel in the classroom as well as in the show ring.  Wendy holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in History of Art and Architecture from Brown University.  She also completed a summer semester course at the Voyageur Outward Bound School in Minnesota.

Wendy’s past experience includes roles as Vice President, Account Management at LinkShare Corporation, an Internet marketing company in New York City.  Before LinkShare, Wendy worked at MTV Consumer Products, at an advertising agency with clients like Procter & Gamble, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

About Our Team

The team of educators at Signature Academics is committed to ensuring each student's academic success.  Educators are subject-experts, and come from a variety of backgrounds with one thing in common - a love of teaching.  Since all of our sessions are one-on-one, our educators are also experts in determining how best to tailor lessons for each student's learning style.

Select Tutor Bios

Math through Pre-Calc - Stacey M.

Stacey has taught all levels of math for over 15 years.  She is a Florida Certified Teacher, who most recently taught at North Broward Prep.  In 2013, Stacey left North Broward and now focuses on tutoring individual students one-on-one.  Working one-on-one enables Stacey to find the best way for each of her students to learn the skills and master the concepts of mathematics.  Stacey lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

English, History, and French through AP/College - Suzanne L.

Suzanne has tutored English and French for many years now.  After earning a BA in American Civilization from Brown University and an MA in International Relations from Boston University, Suzanne moved to Paris and worked as a journalist, translator, and public relations executive.  Now living in NYC, Suzanne continues to work as an educator, a translator, and an actress.  She is very much looking forward to spending her first winter in Florida to tutor equestrians, and to be close to her parents.

All Math through Calc. BC, Chemistry, Physics, IB Theory of Knowledge - David B.

Dave is an accomplished educator who currently teaches at a public charter school in Palm Beach County.  After graduating as the valedictorian of his class at Wellington High School, Dave earned a scholarship to the University of Florida in Gainesville, graduating with a degree in math.  After that, he thought he wanted to become an attorney, so he went to law school and passed the Bar, only to decide he'd rather teach.  Dave's students benefit from his broad world view and deep understanding of math, science, philosophy, and law.  He is dedicated, persistent, and passionate about his work, and very much enjoys finding ways to bring a love of learning to all his students.

All Math(Calc. Specialist), AP STats, Econ, Physics - Ivan S.

Ivan is well-qualified and experienced.  He has two bachelor's degrees, one in Mathematics and one in Mechanical Engineering, from Florida Atlantic University, and has taught all levels of math for over six years. Ivan offers an easy-to-understand and personalized style of teaching math, and teaches students of all ages, from middle school algebra students to graduate students in Ph.D statistics programs.  Ivan is engaging and personable, and enjoys helping students get to those "a-ha" moments where it all comes together for them.

Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science through AP, conceptual physics, Earth Science, Ecology, Middle SChool Math - Bambi R.

For more than twenty years, Bambi has taught in classrooms and tutored students in a range of subjects, with a special passion for science.  Her enthusiasm for teaching various topics is infectious; Bambi's students often end up loving subjects they once found painful!  She is originally from New York and has a Bachelor's degree from Hofstra.