Signature Tutoring Services offers a range of academic services to support today's busy students.  From our work with high-achieving equestrian athletes, the team at Signature Tutoring Services is uniquely qualified to help any student maintain academic excellence while balancing the competing demands of their extracurricular passions. 

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From traditional subject tutoring on an "as needed" basis, to full-time accredited academics, standardized test preparation, and college planning, the team at Signature Tutoring Services can meet students' needs.  As educators, we have the skills and understanding to partner with students in developing tailored, personalized academic plans so they can achieve their goals.


Training, traveling, and competing as an equestrian student-athlete requires commitment and discipline.  From the Florida winter circuits through Devon and Indoors, the team at Signature Tutoring understands the sport, the scheduling, and how to ensure that academics are always the student-athlete's first priority. 

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